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Tile RoofNothing compares to the durability of a cement or clay tile roof. Structures with tile roofs have lasted thousands of years in some of the world's most inclement climates.

Today, the ability to combine superior aesthetics, durability, and value clearly distinguishes cement and clay tiles from the host of other roofing systems. Elite offers a multitude of authentic tile profiles, colors, and finishes that complement and enhance any type of architectural style on any type of structure. Through rain, hail, high winds, and scorching heat a properly installed tile roof can withstand the extreme elements of South Florida and provide years of worry-free performance.

Elite uses only the finest cement and clay tile manufactures available: names such as Boral Tile, Hanson, and Santa Fe to name a few. We also exclusively use the patented two-part polyurethane foam system called Polyset® to adhere the tile to the roof. This system gives a homeowner the greatest security in a storm with the highest wind up-lift ratings available in the industry. When the extremes of nature damage a tile roof, it is usually due to the weak or improperly used mechanical fasteners or inadequate mortar set bonding. The Polyset® system eliminates these problems. It uses adhesive foam that bonds the tile to the underlayment and doesn't puncture your roof deck. No holes means no leaks!

MonierLifetile Santafe Poly-Foam
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