Elite Roofing

"Elite Roofing did 2 jobs for us. The first job was a re-roof of a manufactured home. A roll out tar paper job and mop in. We got 3 quotes and chose Elite and were very happy with the work and their professionalism.

For the second job, which was 8 single room cabins, I didn't even bother with a quote and called them! Cost was a factor in my decision for choosing them, Elite's bid was more affordable, but the deciding factor for me was the professionalism with which the quote was delivered, how they interacted with me. They did a much better job of presenting themselves. We were charged what we were quoted, there were no surprises. The only downside was the timing on the first job was weather related. It was during a time when all of us were waiting months to get roofs done so I had to wait a few months until they could do it. For the second job it was a matter if signing the contract and they were there right away. It was quick! The cleanup was great and I was amazed with both jobs how quickly the job got done. Nothing of concern before, during, or after for me. I am glad to use Elite Roofing and would use them again."

T. Twaddell, GoldCoast Christian Camp

"I am very pleased with the work Elite Roofers did for me. My daughter had used them and referred them to me. They gave me a schedule and met it.

They were right on time and prompt and met the scheduled budget as well.
I am very pleased. I would recommend them to anyone and to get the same crew!
My experience and my daughter's say Elite Roofing is a great outfit!"

A. Guadagnoli, Tequesa

"Elite Roofing did our flat roof stairwell roofs as well as the main condo building roof. I had bids from 3 contractors, and all of the prices were about the same. Elite was able to come and do the job sooner. They were excellent. They were quick and did the job in just a few days. They were efficient and clean and very good. I was very pleased with Elite Roofing."

R. Willis - Marine Harbor Condo Association, NPB

"Elite Roofing re-roofed our home. The material was delivered on time and ready for the job when they took off all the old shingles. They were quick and clean and cleaned up fast - with kids it is important to get things up quickly! They charged what they quoted, and the whole process didn't interfere much with our family life - which is really important! I have referred them to several friends already and will use them again definitely if I need to."

P. Ramjitsingh, WPB

"Elite did a total re-roof of our house after Wilma. They are the only roofer that gave me a thorough quote with breakdowns I was thrilled with the work they did. They were on time, professional, great. They came in right at their quote and I would absolutely refer them to someone else if I heard they were looking for a roofer. One of the few contractors I have dealt with that impressed me. A lot of roofers sent whatever flunky out, gave a huge ballpark figure like they didn't want to do the work - not Elite Roofers.

They took good care of me, Elite was great!"

D. Hrusecky, Loxahatchee

"Elite did a complete re-roof for me in January. I was perfectly happy with everything. I came across Elite Roofing at the home show and spoke with the president, George White. He suggested they come to do a repair on the roof as a temporary fix to a leak while we decided when we could do the entire roof. We decided to do the roof instead of a repair. Their price was excellent for a tile roof and they made sure it was up to standard and the new codes. There was a little cost override that we knew would be coming, as we did not know how much plywood would need to be replaced. The roof was 32 years old. It took them one week from start to finish and they did a very good job cleaning up. Everybody we worked with was professional and friendly. I have no complaints at all. A few neighbors stopped by during the process and I have recommended Elite Roofing to my neighbors and will continue to recommend them. They were very pleasant to work with."

W. Redman, Boca Raton

"Elite Roofing put a new roof on our home and they were fantastic! They had to tear off the old roof; they were fast, clean and courteous. They were well-staffed. There were a lot of people there, so the process was quick.

I have had no trouble with the roof. Their pricing was reasonable and the owner gave me a binder with the quote and photos of my shingles...it was very professional. I had other quotes, but Elite Roofing was referred by a friend and they had a reasonable price, so I chose them. The fact that they had done a friend's house was very important to me. The whole job was quick and turnkey - they were done in 5 days and it has been a very good experience."

W. Kennedy, Royal Palm Beach

"I would highly recommend Elite Roofing! They completed a roof project for our friends, our residential roof and they just finished another roof on our barn! I would recommend them to you or anyone looking to have work done."

P. & H. Dearoujo, Loxahatchee