Elite Roofing

Elite Roofing specializes in recovering existing flat roofs and low-slope roofs with products supported by the best warranties in the industry.

Commercial Modified Bitumen Flat Roof

Modified Bitumen is a roofing membrane consisting of asphalt and plastic or rubber polymers, and is therefore widely considered an evolution of asphalt built up roofing. Modified bitumen displays the built in redundancy of asphalt built up, as well as the UV resistance and flexibility of a modified membrane. This is because the polymer mix used allows the asphalt to take on its most beneficial qualities. Like with tar and gravel roofing, modified bitumen requires a surfacing material, and the most commonly used are factory applied mineral blends and gravel. A typical life span of modified bitumen is 10 to 20 years, depending on climate and weathering. Modified bitumen is generally applied using hot asphalt.

TamkoElite Features quality manufacturers like Tamko Roofing Products.

Awaplan Premium FR
Fire resistant, SBS-modified, granule-surfaced asphalt-roll roofing. Consists of a 250 g/m2 polyester mat saturated with asphalt and coated with patented fire-resistant SBS-modified asphalt. It is available in mop grade and exhibits tremendous elasticity and strength with superior resistance to thermal shock and punctures. Awaplan Premium FR is suitable for flashing as well as field roofing.

Elite can customize any flat roof to accommodate positive drainage through our use of tapered insulation. Tapered Roof Insulation Systems are successfully solving one of the biggest headaches with low-slope roof construction. If you have a ponding water problem on your flat roof, this could be the permanent solution to your problems. This outstanding roofing system is designed for use over all structural flat roof decks to create positive drainage, eliminate ponding water, and effectively insulate. It is lightweight and energy-efficient, with fill materials that are made of recycled, biodegradable products and is available in a range of slopes...up to 1/2" per foot.

Please call today and let us customize a specific flat or commercial proposal for your building.